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The wide gamut of rugs and carpets available in the market means you will be lost for options when it comes to choosing the perfect rug for your needs. Thanks to technological advancements, today rugs are available in all manner of styles, designs, sizes and shapes and can easily be accessed online. Of course, this is a good sign but then again it means a huge challenge for you having to choose the most appropriate for your needs. This is even made more difficult because they all come in different price ranges.

How do you know which type of rug will work perfectly for your house or office? Here are some general tips you should keep in mind when shopping for your favorite rugs online. Which rug will complement your office/house? Always go for something that works perfectly for you especially because lighting at home or in the office may be different from the lighting used to take the images of your favorite rugs/carpet. You are probably wondering on the best source of rugs and carpets, right? This is a disclaimer, though, but generally, Turkey, Iran and India are the leaders when it comes to superior quality rugs.

What is the durability of oriental rugs? The simple answer to this is that the durability of an oriental rug depends on its quality. You can bet the best quality oriental rug can last for decades to come. Of course, you expect its close imitation to last only several years.

But why on earth should you invest in an area rug that lives beyond your life, literally? A good quality rug with good dyes and wool will get lovelier and attractive with the passing of years while its substandard quality will loose its charm over time. Which should you buy – wool or silk? It depends with where you want to place your rug? Wool has amazing qualifies such as rich appearance, high durability and easy to maintain and care for it. Thus, most people would use wool rugs on their floors. On the flip side of the coin is the delicate silk which tends to be ideal for thee walls and for throws. Buying rugs takes a lot more time and thought than many homeowners have been led to believe. Ensure you settle for an oriental rug that appeals to your tastes and references after much research. It is OK to ask for help if it is your first time making the purchase in order to make a wise investment.
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